Sunday, August 8, 2010

sunrise tour

chain my feet to
purpled sunrise clouds
let me fly away to the west
and see the world today-

ocean sparkling beneath
the clear blue fluffy-freckled sky
silver dolphins arching smoothly
splashing water on my toes
schools of angelfish pink and blue
just below the rippled surface
red-haired mermaid swimming backstroke
turning diving underneath

rice field workers wipe their brows
and trudge easily down the row
giant golden cross-legged statues
glint in the yellow sun
while small children with their fathers
light small candles all around

children splashing in the water
of the shallow clear blue gulf
Arabs bending falling bowing
to the east third time today
tourists wander aimlessly through
the ruins and museums of the
gorgeous streets of Rome

I stop to take a small break
atop the eiffel tower
cameras flash small child points
as I spread my faerie wings and
soar away upon the wind
fight the urge to shop in New York
pull goat tails in the mountains

close my eyes - just a moment -
and plant my toes
upon this ground

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