Sunday, August 8, 2010


ok ok
I give up
I'm tired of the game
this old and rugged
game of capture the flag
I'm tired of sitting in the dark
watching intently
waiting to see if you'll try to come
and snatch away the
blood red emblem
stuck upon a pole within the earth
only to see you sneaking
into someone else's camp.

I haven't tried to steal yours
though I've been tempted to
leap the barriors and confront you
just for fun...
just to see how easily
you would give up...
with a fight? without?
but I'm stuck here in these trenches
I dug with my fingernails
and filled up with my tears and sweat ~
my shoes are stuck
but I don't feel like moving
because I see you've won the game-
or perhaps that's only how it seems
because she handed hers over so peacefully-

it's not my heart you took home with you

maybe I just didn't see you give it back...
I don't know.
I only know I'm tired of this game
and I want to go home now.
But my feet are stuck
and here I watch this
faux war play on
about me

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