Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last night at Village Inn, around 11:30 or so,
I sat there with my coffee
and a slice of caramel pecan pie.
I noticed in a corner booth
sat a woman, waiting anxiously,
it seemed,
for someone to return from the restroom
and join her there.

The table sat,
uneaten food strewn about
she managed to fit her elbows in
to clasp her hands tightly beneath her chin
her eyes shifted across the room,
following the drunken walk of a girl
seated nearby, then her hollow eyes
rested upon me
and I looked away.

As we walked by to leave
half an hour later,
she still sat there alone
the food, long since cold
still sat there, untouched.
I don't know why she waited.

She was there alone.

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